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Saturday August 18th 2018

Renewing Driving Licence in Gurgaon

For more than a year I’d been repeatedly checking the expiry dates on Kishore‘s and my driver’s licence and worrying about the pain we’d have to endure for their renewal. The dates were only a few weeks apart so–like many things in our married life–we considered ourselves somewhat fortunate on having to work on this project together instead of suffering alone.

From a post on a year ago, I’d learnt about someone’s experience of getting a licence from Mini Secretariat. Besides, the Gurgaon Police website gave some details but not enough to give full confidence over the process involved. About 5 weeks before the first expiry date, I decided to go over to Mini Secretariat to get hold of the required forms and figure out the process of renewal.  Based on my experience of renewing the licence after that, here’s an FAQ for those who may be wondering and worrying about the steps involved in renewing driving licences in Gurgaon.

Where is the driving licence renewed in Gurgaon?

In Mini Secretariat. This building can be accessed from two roads going left after taking the right turn from Rajiv Chowk on NH8. The first left turn takes one on the road with the right entrance to the building.

How are the renewal forms obtained?

The forms are available from the first counter in the first big hall appearing on the left side after entering the building. A cardboard folder containing 3 forms is handed by an officer on payment of Rs10. This office is open for form collection or submission from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.

How much in advance should one apply for one’s licence renewal?

One can apply anytime in the month preceding the expiry date. But a grace period of one month after the expiry date is accepted by the Licence Authority. Post that period, one has to explain in one of the forms the reason for delay in submitting the application. Remember that the old licence has to be handed over while requesting renewal so till a new licence is obtained, one can use the acknowledgement slip issued by the authorities as a proof of licence.

How are the forms filled and submitted?

The forms are easy to fill. They require one’s address, personal data, one passport sized photograph and 2 sets of address and photo id papers that should be self-attested.

One can go to the Licence office with filled forms at 9:30 am >>get the medical check-up done in another room >> pay its fee of Rs100 in cash >> get into a queue back in the main hall to pay the licence renewal fee of Rs220 >> followed by another queue to get clicked by a web cam and then >> go back to the earlier queue to handover the folder with forms and payment slips to take an acknowledgement slip mentioning the date for collecting one’s licence.

Anything more to the process of renewal?

The process of renewal for Gurgaon licence holders is simple. A medical check up followed by switching 2 queues repeatedly as mentioned above and collecting an acknowledgement slip, entitles one to the renewed licence after a period of 10 days. This licence can be collected on the designated date by anyone showing the acknowledgement slip.

How involved is the medical check-up?

A medical officer sits in Hall 2 for which directions are given on the walls out of the main hall. The day we visited at 10 am, there were just 4-5 people outside the medical officer’s room. People are first asked to pay Rs100 in cash to a cashier sitting there, obtain its receipt and join the queue to see the medical officer. The officer is extremely informal with his questions. All he appeared to be asking male candidates was to read one or two numbers to rule out colour-blindness. With women, he appeared to be even more polite and just handed them their folder with his signed report after a passing glance at the candidate.

Are those with outstation driving licences treated the same way as those with Gurgaon licences?

No, those with Delhi or other city licences don’t have it so easy. We learnt that only on visiting the Licence office and after paying fees for medical and licence renewal. Kishore’s licence was from Delhi and as his turn came to get clicked for the new licence, he was told to get an NOC (or No Objection Certificate) from the Issuing authority in Delhi to consider the application request complete.

We quickly drove over to the licence authority of his old licence in Janakpuri in Delhi, shuttled between 3 windows over 2 hours and managed to collect the all important NOC to submit it back at Mini Secretariat.

What is the process for getting an NOC for non-Gurgaon licence renewals?

In our case, the Delhi licence authority was in the DDA building in Janakpuri and for us, its location meant some hunting. We learnt from one of the agents outside this office that the action zone was Window No.14 on the groundfloor of the building. Then on, we surrendered the use of our legs over 2 hours to the 2 windows of 14 and 17 and did as told. At the end, it was no mean achievement to be owners of an NOC after paying a small fee of Rs50 and lots of good natured smiles but no cash bribes.

At this place, we had to give an application requesting an NOC with copies of our address proof and the old licence. It helped to be carrying blank sheets of paper and extra photocopies of documents. But there were at least 2 enterprising photocopier owners in the menagerie of people who were doing brisk business there.

Since it was already past 1 pm for us, we decided to handover the prized NOC to the Gurgaon licence office only the next day.

Are the licences handed over on the day of application submission?

No. They are given 10 days later.

What is involved in picking up of licences?

The confirmation or acknowledgement slip obtained on submission of the docket of papers in Mini Secretariat, carries a date for collection of the printed licence. On the designated day, all it takes for one is to handover the slip at one of the 2 counters in the main hall and acquire a glossy strip of paper as one’s driving licence.

Then what?

Once you have this insignificant looking strip of paper with your sad looking picture but, very importantly, the correct address on it, simply take it to a laminating place where it would be folded and laminated in a neat rectangle. The driving licence then on assumes some significance and the right size to slip into a wallet. Run off some photocopies to use them as your address proof and thank Gurgaon authorities for making the process at least somewhat streamlined and devoid of touts.

Of course, it’d be wonderful to be able to submit forms online, pay fees online, go over for a medical check up–if necessary–and see the licences couriered home. We live in the hope of a more organised administrative structure and transparency in the country’s bureaucracy but for now it helps to know that half a day’s leave can get Gurgaonites their renewed driving licences.


Update on 21 May 2012:
A recent comment from Avinash shares these details:
. he paid Rs150 instead of Rs100 for medical checkup and Rs350 for an LMV+MYCL licence (as opposed to my Rs220 for LMV alone)
. he had to give 2 photographs–one each on the medical and license forms

There are a few more comments on the post but they can only be seen on my old site against this link.


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74 Comments for “Renewing Driving Licence in Gurgaon”

  • Nitin Patel says:

    I have been living in Gurgaon for the last 6 months in a rented accomodation.My Driving license is due for Renewal,which was issued at RTO/Mangalore.I have already obtained the NOC from the authorities.
    (1)Can I submit lease agreement copy as proof of residence?
    (2)Are the docs required to be attested by Notary??
    Pls. revert

    • Jyoti says:

      Hi Nitin,

      I do know that the supporting documents don’t have to be notarized. You need to self attest them. I suggest you go over to Mini Secretariat with 2 photocopies of your lease agreement, photo, NOC, your Mangalore address proof, blank sheets of paper and a glue stick. Get hold of the folder of forms from the Ist counter, ask the person if the lease agreement would suffice as add proof. Carry the required cash for your medical examination fee and license. You may have to make another trip to submit your application but you’d know what else is needed. You may not need anything else since you have the NOC as well.
      all the best, Jyoti

      • nitin patel says:

        Hi Jyoti,
        Thanks for your prompt response.I will go by your advice.I have my Gas connection document(Gurgaon),which may
        be useful for Address proof.,will carry that too with me.
        I was staying in a rented accomodation in Mangalore but at present donot have any address proof of Mangalore ,as it is over 10 years now.Could you pls. elaborate,as to why would that be required?
        I would be able to meet out Rest all requirements.
        Awaiting yours,
        Best regards,
        Nitin patel

  • Parul Bhargava Sharma says:

    Hi Jyoti Bhabhi,

    Any Idea if the Online procedure has started in Gurgaon? Want to get my license made.I lost my previous one and I have no records of it either.Want to get a new one made.

    • Jyoti says:

      Parul, I’m sorry no idea about a lost license case. I wonder if the authority would need an affidavit from you to declare the loss. If you had a photocopy, you’d be on a firmer ground as you could retrieve the file reference number. Now, drive up to Mini secretariat in the first half of a working day and check the procedure from the reception. It’s simpler than it sounds :) The reception isn’t so crowded.

  • Surbhi Iyer says:

    Thank you Jyoti
    This is very helpful. My husband’s license needs to be renewed and i opened this link while browsing for help.
    Thanks again!

    • Jyoti says:

      Glad it helped. The driving license process works smoothly if you’ve arranged an NOC beforehand :)

  • Vijay says:

    hi Jyoti, you seem to have all the answers :) thank you for helping us. My question is, how to get NOC. My license was issued in Jamshedpur and is expiring in 2017, but “17” is not legible on the license(hand written). So I thought to renew it in Gurgaon and as I can’t travel to Jamshedpur. Gurgaon authorities have denied my application saying they need an NOC. Seeing no option left, I have applied for a learner license.

    • Jyoti says:

      Hi Vijay,

      While writing my post, I had only my own experience on NOC to relate. Now, however, many commenters have shared their experience that tell me that one can
      i) either send the original licence with a request made on plain paper for NOC, and a letter of authorisation to an agreeable acquaintance in the issuing city of one’s old licence;
      ii) or send a request for NOC by speedpost through the RTO itself (in our case at Mini Secretariat) and if that request goes unanswered for a month, the RTO goes ahead and issues a fresh license; or
      iii) do what you’ve done, i.e. first get a learner’s licence and then the confirmed one.
      These comments may help clear the above:


      • Vijay says:

        thank you :)

        • vijay says:

          one more question. they said that the learner license will be couriered to me. is that true or I will have to go and collect. how will I know when the license is going to be ready.

          • Jyoti says:

            Vijay, at the time I applied, the applicant had to go collect the license. Now they may have changed that. They gave me a date for collection that was exactly 10 days after the submission. You could wait for 15 days and then go and make an enquiry. Do report your experience here to educate others. regards.

  • Rajan Thomas says:

    I must comment that Jyoti’ experience is spot on. I recently had to renew my Delhi licence here in Gurgaon. I got my NOC from Delhi South Zone – it was quick. Then I approached the Gurgaon RTO for renewing the licence. The staff at the Gurgaon RTO were efficient and friendly and the whole process was over in 45 minutes. I was given the date for collecting the licence which was after one month. On the appointed date I collected the licence and I got the lamination done from nearby shops. Regards

    • Jyoti says:

      Hi Rajan, it’s great to know the system is still working without involving an agent. Many times we anticipate the process to be messy and don’t even try it without seeking an agent’s help. Recently, I read about a new driving training centre in Sector 52 that would require applicants of learners licenses to sit through an hour long lecture on signs and rules and follow it with a 30-question test. I’m really hoping that it is followed seriously by new drivers and the Traffic Police dept…regards. Jyoti

  • vijay says:

    hi, I want to share my experience. hope this helps.

    I have applied for a learner license on 1 Aug 2013 and got a receipt mentioning the expected delivery date of 10 Aug 2013. After few hours I received a SMS from MD-SDMGGN that they have received my application and is being processed.

    On 7th Aug, I received another SMS from MD-SDMGGN that my learner license had been sent through speed post and would be delivered by 14th Aug 2013. Same day after around 2 hours of receiving this SMS I got a call from my wife that she has received the license.

    In short, it took exactly 7 days from application to receiving my license.

    Soon I will be applying for a permanent license and I will share my experience.

    Few tips for applicants who are applying for new license(especially at mini-sec):
    1. Include 2-3 address proofs(they are very particular about address proofs if you are living on rent) I had shown Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill(in owners name), Address on Company letter head, police verification, ration card as permanent address proof (this was in native language but they accepted it without verifying). they looked more concerned with the present address proof.
    2. Keep glue, stapler etc with you. Nobody is going to help when you need. there will be people who will pop up to help you with glue or guiding you on procedures etc beware of them they will try to make money out of you.
    3. Just know that if your documents are good and complete you don’t need any help. You will be able to submit your application in your first visit itself.

    All the best!

    • Jyoti says:

      This is wonderful, Vijay. Your experience will encourage others to stay off touts. Congrats on being the first one to report home delivery of your license! Regards.

  • Seema says:

    I have been living in Gurgaon for the last 10 years .My Driving license is due for Renewal,which was issued at RTO/Ahmedabd.Kindly suggest me the
    the required documents
    how much time it takes to get the licence from the start date of process.
    do we need to goto MiniSecreteriat many times to get the new licence since i am working.
    Pls. revert

  • Elisha says:

    Hi Jyoti..

    Do you know if a Gurgaon license can be renewed online?


    • Jyoti says:

      Elisha, the license cannot be renewed online but the recent experience through this post’s comments informs us that the offline process of license renewal at Mini Secretariat has become even more structured than my own.

  • Seema says:

    Hi Jyoti,

    I want to know that my due date for the licence has already expired. The last date was 13th Sept 2013.I could not take the renewal work due to some urgent pending work. It was made from Ahmedabad. Now I am worried.
    My questions are :
    Will I get the NOC from Ahmedabad if the expiry date has crossed even 1 months time.
    Will Gurgaon office entertain my request that is late.
    Any suggestions from your end.

    • Jyoti says:

      Seema, my own information is that in a month preceding or following one’s expiry of license, one can apply for its renewal. Either way, you would need an NOC from Ahmedabad. I suggest you collect a folder of application forms from the Ist counter at Mini Secretariat and ask this question. Once you’ve got your license, do share your experience and any learnings for others use. regards.

  • Seema says:

    Hello Jyoti,

    Thank you for your quick response.
    I need a suggestion, what is more advisable to renew the old licence or to go for a new licence from gurgaon ( am avoiding the NOC from Ahmedabad).Looks like getting a NOC will be a lenghty process being located at Ahmedabad.Thanks for your time.

  • Vijay says:

    Hi Seema,

    My license was issued gin Jamshedpur and I wanted to renew it from gurgaon. But getting noc was a challenge. I opted for a new learner license which was issued to me in exactly 7 days . It has been more than a month now and I will go to apply for a permanent license soon. You may wish to opt for a new license too..the process much simple and quick nowadays. You will get sms alert st every stage of your application :)

  • Seema says:

    Thanks for your reply Vijay.I hope there are no dire consequences in having two licences.

    • Jyoti says:

      Seema, since your license has already expired and Vijay’s experience has proved the method of first learners-then regular license to be working, you must go ahead with it…esp. since you do not see a way to get an NOC.

  • Ajita Gopal says:

    Thanks Jyoti. Your notes on Out of State transfer process solved a lot of questions and saved me from the misery of having to figure them out myself. Thanks again.

  • prashant says:

    do we need to get the residence proof, age proof certificates attested as mentioned on traffic police website.

    If yes does notorized copy will be accepted at counter?

    • Jyoti says:

      Prashant, the attestation is necessary and it is as simple as signing all the photocopies you’re submitting–i.e., self-attestation.

  • prashant says:

    I submitted my learning license application succefully two days back. the process changed now :
    1. Get the 10 Rs card board file from counter 1 in edisha gnd floor Mini sect.
    2. Pay 150/- at the next room behind edisha. Rs 110 for Medical . Rs 40 for red cross. Keep the recipt file in the card board file . Required during final application submission.

    3. Complete the medical test.MO sitting next to fee counter. He will ask bloodd group and ask to read some numbers to check colour blindness. Important point it to get the photos stampled from his stamped.
    4. Next go to DCP traffic police in Sec 57 near Bhaktawar chowk. Attend the learning class. Appear in web test .
    30 Ques asked. Minimum score 60% i.e. 18 quest. to be corrected to get pass. Rs 100 fee for test .
    5. Come back to mini sect.
    6. Get in queue in counter 3 along with card board file. a)Attach the self attested certificates of Address Proof- Minimum two separate certificates required.
    b)Minimun one certificate of identity proof.Additional are welcomed
    c)Form 2 &3 filed up.
    d) Mention your mobile number whereever you sign in the form .
    e) Once the counter clerk see and sign on it he will advise to go once again to fee counter on back of hall and return you the card file with his sign.
    f) the fee counter clerk will charge Rs 350 , take your web cam photo and issue you a counterfile of learning license request accepted by office.

    that’s it. they will courier you the learning leicense in 20 days time from the date of acceptance at your home address.

    • Jyoti says:

      Prashant, thank you for sharing your experience and these steps. They will help many. Do inform if there is any particular time to visit the Traffic police office in Sec 57 for the test?

      • prashant says:

        yes there are one session in morning and afternoon to appear for watching traffic presentation( appx o45 minutes) and then appear for the test.


    Dear sir,
    I would like to report that I had lost my driving licence No.4888 issued in 2001 at Gurgaon in my name, i.e., Jagroop Singh S/o Shri Major Singh.

    Sir, I request your good offices to kindly check your records and let me know/have the details to enable me to apply for a duplicate licence.

    With kind regards,
    Jagroop Singh

  • ganesh says:

    I recently moved from pune to Gurgaon.
    I want to apply for two wheeler licence in Gurgaon.but I have only rent argument,health policy,and letter from my company hr in Gurgaon.can I apply for licence? Is there any document other than this required?

  • Rama says:

    Hi, what a useful post! Has anyone got a driving license NOC from Gurgaon? We have just moved out of Gurgaon and I need to get an NOC from Ggn RTO.. any idea what formalities and how long it takes?
    Many thanks

  • Parineeta Bhanot says:

    Hi Jyoti
    I have an already expired license issued from delhi which I want to get renewed in ggn pls guide me as to how shd I go about it.

  • Raminder says:

    Jyoti your comments were really useful for renewal of our Delhi licence from Gurgaon. NOC from Saria Kale Khan RTO took barely 40 minutes and the staff was extremely polite. Experience at the mini secretariat was also same. Took 45 minutes for both me and my husband. Of course a separate queue for ladies and senior citizens helped. Paid Rs 15 for the file. Rs 110 for the medical and 400 on the last counter no 3. No need for a tout thank God.

    • Anjali says:

      Hi Raminder. Was your license also issued at Sarai Kale Khan originally or can we go to any RTO for the NOC?

  • Sanjay says:

    Renewing a license from Delhi needs the NOC from Delhi to be verified….this you come to know after standing in the Q at counter 3 for one hour…so you leave the Q and get the NOC verified by an officer sitting in a room in the same hall. After that you again join the same Q at counter 3 at the back and spend another hour waiting for your turn to come again.

    Nobody behind the counters replies to simple questions like where should I go next after paying medical fee. You have to ask other applicants. There are absolutely no charts displayed anywhere to assist people to understand the process.

    There are touts slithering among the applicants looking for potential business.

    The photographs have to be pasted to the forms but there is no glue available anywhere. You have to be lucky to find someone with a glue stick or stapler….so better carry your own.

    The place reeks of typical government stranglehold on simple processes…the counters work very slowly…the computers respond very slowly….the counter personnel seem quite I disciplined and take long breaks leaving the Qs standing for long stretches of time….

  • sachin oberoi says:

    Hi folks, i lost my DL and i will have to get a new one made since the old one was from Patiala/Punjab. Just wanted to understand if the e-disha office is open on Saturday? Or do they work only between monday to friday?

  • BRIJ GUPTA says:

    Quite informative. An update would be of help for changes in last 4 years.

    Brij Gupta

  • Sanjay says:

    The licence renewal forms are downloadable so that you have a choice of doing so at a much low cost or paying Rs 50 for a renewal booklet sold at the forms counter in the RTO office on the ground floor in the Mini Secretariat, whichever you prefer.

  • Kusum sood says:

    Hi JYOTI
    My license was expired on 10/10/2015
    So can I apply for renewal Is there any
    Extra feese for that pls let me no I am residence
    Of gurgaon only. What are the document
    Required for renewal.

  • Rupali says:

    Hi Jyoti,

    My learner driving licence expiry date is 8th feb 2016 and i have not applied for permanent driving licence yet and i am planning to go for test on 2nd feb 20163,if i am not able to clear the driving test than there is any procedure for renewal of learning licence

  • Rahul Bhatia says:

    Hi Jyoti,

    I am currently at Bangalore and my driving license is expiring on 5/3/2016. My original license is issued from New Delhi, could you please suggest me how to get it renewed it from Delhi while staying at Bangalore or how to get NOC from Delhi not in person but by post or other means if possible so that I can get it renewed at Bangalore.
    Thanks in advance

  • sl gupta says:

    Dear Sir I would like to know that how to obtain a driving licence after the date of validation expires including the grace period of one month. I want to get it on line. pl let me know.

  • Asokan says:

    Thanks Jyoti for this discussion thread. Here is my experience for the benefit of all.


    1. My Delhi driving licence was issued from Janakpuri. As per the licence it was mentioned as South West Zone. So naturally I went there to get the NOC. Thankfully before standing in the Q,I asked the person giving blank forms about NOC. This guy sits inside a box-like cabin with the forms, on the ground floor when you enter the office. He checked my licence and told me to go to Dwaraka Sector 10 office. Looks like the South West Zone is now managed from there. I have visited Janakpuri, Raja Garden, Sector 10 and Gurgaon Offices. The worst is Janakpuri office. It is a fish market. The best is Raja Garden office.

    2. Dwarka Sector 10 office is 15 minutes walk from the metro station. The counter closes at 12 and I reached there after that. They were nice to handle the customers nearly till 12:20pm. I paid Rs.50 along with a request for NOC on a plain paper. You need to give a photo copy of the existing licence and proof of residence for the new address. In my case it was Gurgaon and I gave my Aadhar card as proof. Point to be noted is the guy at the counter will ask you to which RTO you need the NOC. I was confused. Since my car no starts with HR 26, I took the risk of telling him it was HR26. He clearly told me that you cannot make NOC two times. If you are going to follow this process, I would suggest you to check this before hand. The final counter was 14, there was a huge line. Compared to other RTOs, it was orderly. There was a security guard manning the line. I used my Sr Citizen tag to get it fast. Overall the experience there was good.

    3. Gurgaon Mini Secretariat office process is same as others already given in their responses/postings.

    • Anjali says:

      Hi Asokan – so where can we check about the RTO in Gugraon for which NOC is needed from Delhi? Is it linked to our address?

  • Mike Rana says:

    Most wonderfully explained this process … Also please write here what is the maximum age when the license can be given

    • Jyoti says:

      Thanks Mr. Rana, This post is now old. I’m due for renewal of my license and will try to update the post shortly after. Please note though my post may not give all the answers an applicant seeks.


    Hi Jyoti,
    Thanks for the post.very informative.I believe the process will be more or less same now. Can you please advise the details of obtaining the NOC for Driving License ( what documents were required?) I will need to do this very soon.

  • kapil saini says:

    Hi jyoti i leave in gurgaon my problem is. I take my license N.O.C for commercial but now I lost my license what I do please tell me

    • Jyoti says:

      Kapil, I’ve heard from others that they have had to apply for a learner’s license, followed by a regular license, in situations of loss of license. I hope you would find an easier solution. Going to Mini Secretariat and getting information is easy enough. Just be there at 9 am. regards.

  • Aasheesh says:

    Hi Jyoti ji
    I live in gurgaon and my licence carries the adress of jallandhar punjab. My dl is expiring on 20 jan 2017. Please let me know the procedure i have my permanent address of gurgaon

  • Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Jyoti Many thanks for your blog, it is the only piece of information available for those wishing to renew licence in Haryana after having held an licence from other states. I too hold a licence from Delhi, which I would like to get renewed in Haryana in Faridabad. Just one question, is it a simple procedure to get a NOC from Delhi (my issuing office is the DL-01 at Timarpur in Civil Lines)? Regards Ajay

    • Jyoti says:

      Ajay, I wish my answer was a simple Yes! Our own experience of getting an NOC dates back to 5 years so I can only hope that it’s got more transparent. Do land up at your Delhi issuing office with photocopied add/id proof, originals, photos, pen, clips, glue stick, plain paper et al and give the process a fair chance. Some commentors have posted their recent experiences that may help but I don’t remember any relating to DL-01. The positive part of this response is that once you’ve the all important NOC, getting your license renewed at Mini Secretariat won’t be onerous. Show up there at 9 am with all the above accessories and upto Rs600 in cash. Buy a renewal form @ Rs60 and keep covering the counters they advise you. Three months ago, I was out of the building in 40 min or so. More recently, my husband spent about that much time too. The key point here is to reach there latest by 9:15 am. I’ll do an update on my recent renewal process so it reposes one’s faith in the system. But this time our old licenses were Gurgaon based. All the best, Jyoti

      Oops…I noticed later that you mentioned Faridabad and not Gurgaon…my city of licence renewal! Omit the Mini Secretariat location and follow the rest for Faridabad and do tell how it went!

  • Geetanjali Sahi says:

    Please let me know the procedure to renew my driving license earlier issued by RTO Secundera admiration (Telengana)

    • Jyoti says:

      I’ve come across the general advice of applying for a learner’s license and getting a regular one in such cases as NOCs aren’t possible to arrange from other cities without visiting that RTO and following its process.

  • Geetanjali Sahi says:

    Is it necessary to get an NOC from the RTO who has issued the drivig license which is expiring shortly for renewal in Gurgaon. The earlier license was issued by RTO Secunderbad (Telengana)

  • US Bhargava says:

    Any prescribed time of the day for taking delivery of renewed driving license ?

  • Hansraj Yadav says:

    Tnx to all.

    Very much helpful tips and individual experience shared over here. It definitely encourage to too many people to follow laid down process and avoid giving bribes.
    Thanks again to all.
    Hansraj Yadav


    All persons aged above 50 years and who intend to renew their driving licences in Gurgaon should get the Medical examination done by any M.B.B.S DOCTOR .

  • Sugandha says:

    My DL expired few years back, and could not renew it as I was out of country. Can someone fuse me if I need to apply as a new licence or can get it renewed? Also if there is a penalty for non renewal ? Thanks

    • Jyoti says:

      Just go over to the License office at Mini Secretariat with your old license, pen, glue stick, copies of addressproof, photo. Get there by 9:15 am. They will give you all the necessary info at the Enquiry window and it isn’t usually crowded at that hour.

  • Jitin says:

    Good afternoon, Great information- most informative so far. Is there a grace period on a Delhi drivers license? I understand your husband’s DL was from Delhi, in case you remember… Regards, JH

    • Jyoti says:

      I think the period of grace is 1 month. Even if you are late in applying, please mention the reason on the Gurgaon form. The No Objection from the Issuing Authority is still necessary if it wasn’t issued in Gurgaon.

  • Ranbir Singh says:

    My license from Agra will be expiring in Dec 17. How I can get NOC from Agra & get it renewed from Gurgaon where I have settled ?

    • Jyoti says:

      Ranbir, this point has been discussed in the previous comments. It’s a simple fact that you’ve to produce the NOC from the Agra license authorities and attach it to the renewal application in Gurgaon. If it isn’t possible for you to go get the NOC, apply for a learner’s license in Gurgaon, go for a driving test and later get the regular license. I’m not aware of a synchronised system between different states where they can verify licenses originating from other states. Or, go to the Mini Secretariat enquiry around 9:30 am and get their view on your case.

  • Aishvarya Sharma says:

    What a brilliant post! Thank you. I am nearing the day I have to renew mine. Am wondering if I can renew couple of months in advance? I don’t live in India anymore who knows when my next trip will be and that trip I’ll find time to run around to take care of drivers license.

    Thanks for the great tip about NOC. Looks like I will be going to Dwarka for the NoC. It will save me the trip to the ‘authority’ in Janakpuri – which I did back in 1999 :).

    I wish the system was online but I dearly wish they’d give the license the same day as my trip will be much shorted than 10 days. Sigh!

    • Jyoti says:

      Hi Aishvarya, All I remember is that within a month of expiry, they accept the application. I’m not sure about a period over 1 month. Making a trip to Mini Secretariat Hall 1 will get you the form/file from the enquiry window and this info too. In between they didn’t have a medical officer sitting there anymore so one had to get a GP’s certificate from outside. Check on that too. Best of luck!

  • Arvind Sood says:

    I got my DL renewal on 1.8.18 , the renewed licence can be viewed in my DigiLocker. But the actual physical licence has not arrived by Speedpost till 11.8.18. RTO Gurugram official had promised that I will receive it in 7 days. Do I have to visit the office to collect it or I wait ? Is there any phone to enquire the delivery status? Thanks in advance

    • Jyoti says:

      Hi Arvind, my own experience of renewal is now old and at that time, the license had to be collected by presenting the ack receipt. My son has recently renewed his Learners License online but he still had to go to Mini Secretariat to get the endorsed copy. A visit to MS around 9 am should get you your license. regards.

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