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Saturday August 18th 2018

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Technology High

Thanks to the tech atmosphere around me due to Kishore, I find that I might delay adopting some technologies but I can’t stay immune to them. Even if I try. I resisted but finally gave in to self-induced pressure to blog about a year ago. And, I remember trying hard [Read More]

Online Shopping

Despite being a Net user for over a decade, my experience with Net shopping is still at its nascency. I’m glad to report though that I’m slowly and steadily warming up to the idea. About four years ago, when I managed to successfully pay for a set of Tintin [Read More]

Easy Computing

Easy Computing

After much thought over the last few months, I bought myself an Eee PC 1000H. It’s tiny, shiny black, clad in a nice neoprene cover and it works. My specs of a small sized machine that slips into a shoulder bag; enables wordprocessing, browsing, emailing; and looks [Read More]