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Saturday August 18th 2018

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ROI with Social Media

Recently, a friend expressed interest in ‘going social’ for his new HR technology product and asked if I’d help chalk out a plan by first showing him any products that had attracted an unprecedented fan-following in the last couple of years. That set me [Read More]

If you’re reading those comments, then say so

Enough is being said about engaging audiences through social media channels to create friends and followers. My experience of Twitter even shows me that users are vigilant of feedback to their tweets in that space and making an effort to revert in real time. They [Read More]

Social Networking: What to NOT do to excel at it!

A recent read on twitter-etiquettes leads me to share my own pet peeves on behaviour I come across, in the hope that it reforms some attitudes. I find that as we’re forming digital communities, it’s only fair that we adopt the right etiquette in our interaction [Read More]