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Saturday August 18th 2018

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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

I’ve been a Gurgaon resident for close to 17 years. The first 7 years were spent in an apartment that we’d booked way back in our youth with dreams for a ‘clean and green life South of Delhi’ – our apartment builder’s catch phrase to attract young Delhites to [Read More]

Election and Power are Directly Related in Gurgaon!

I’d dreaded this time’s election not only thinking of its mismanagement in Gurgaon but also because in the weeks leading up to it, suddenly we had electricity almost all our days and nights. As a result, we acquired the bad habit of being in a cool house and [Read More]

Voting Blues in Gurgaon

The hour I spent at the Chiranjiv Bharti School in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon earlier today washed away any feelings of patriotism or civic sense that I’d summoned to cast my vote. The 3 stalls outside the school building were full of anxious people crowding around 2 [Read More]

Flowers to Tickle your Bone

Ever since we’ve owned a small patch of green and been gardening, we’ve acquired some scattered knowledge of the varieties of flowers and grass that can grow in the trying soil and weather conditions of Gurgaon. Most of that knowledge has been initiated by the [Read More]

Tibetan Kitchen — Proper Tibetan Food in Gurgaon

Last evening Anjuli-Sandy introduced Kishore and me to the newly opened Tibetan Kitchen in Gurgaon – a small eatery that goes way beyond momos and includes many impressive words on its menu such as Lowa Khatsa, Gyuma, Lamain, Phingsha, Thenthuk and more. For now, even [Read More]

Gurgaon Traffic – there’s still hope

Today I attended an emergency meeting of Traffic Observers (TOs) at Gurgaon’s Mini Secretariat that houses offices of some DCPs of Gurgaon. The meeting was called to introduce the new ADC Mr. Praveen Kumar and it had him and Mr. Satyendra Gupta, DCP/Traffic addressing [Read More]

Transport in Gurgaon – II – Taxis

The state of taxis in Gurgaon demands a proper overview so I’ve decided to do a separate post on them. When I moved to (New) Gurgaon 12 years ago, I knew of just one taxi stand in the DLF-I area that appeared to have 3-4 taxis. The stand used to be out of vehicles most [Read More]

Transport in Gurgaon – I

Commuting within and to/from Gurgaon can be nightmarish. There are issues to do with the lack of signage, unnamed/bad roads and traffic congestion, and even if I were to focus on just one aspect such as the means of transport, there would be a lot to be frustrated about. [Read More]

Traffic management in Gurgaon

Some months ago, I applied and joined as a Traffic Observer in Gurgaon. Before that when an RWA member had suggested that I go over and attend a meeting at the DCP’s office for I drive around Gurgaon and would have a view on traffic issues, I was alarmed at the idea! And [Read More]