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Saturday August 18th 2018

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The Goa Experience in May 2009

My first post on Goa from Goa… I’ve been here a week and despite the heat and humidity, it hasn’t been as bad as Gurgaon. Only one of the last 7 days, a storm took away electricity one night and returned it only around 10 in the morning. It’s [Read More]

Furniture Shopping in Goa

I’ve maintained that Goa offers varying experience to its seekers. If some of our early trips were focussed on its beaches, shacks and food, there were work oriented elements on a couple of later visits – one when I went on my own to intern on a web design [Read More]

Goa this time round (Jan end)

This trip had more of a holiday flavour than the last – for one, it coincided with our wedding anniversary and then it had Kabir with us. But it wasn’t all fun and games as furniture hunting took away some of our 8 precious days. Birdwatching: Didn’t manage any [Read More]

Goa – Once More!

Goa – Once More!

Kishore and I made our much-planned 11-day trip to Goa end-September. We knew that the trip was going to be dominated by activities surrounding our flat’s makeover but we were still looking forward to it as in our search for houseware, it was going to bring Goa’s local [Read More]