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Saturday August 18th 2018

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Performance review = A continuous feedback and development process

In the last three years that I’ve managed performance evaluations of support engineers for an IT consulting firm, I’ve been wary of assuming a judgmental stance – either directly or through the feedback process I’ve helped manage. Performance reviews are known to be [Read More]

New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation

This aspect of an organisation’s processes is close to my heart as a well-executed new hire orientation helps build a special bond between the two sides. My own first experience of an orientation program goes back some 25 years. The organisation was big and used to seeing [Read More]

Flex the Workplace

Flex the Workplace

About two months ago, I chanced upon Women’s Web and quite liked the easy read its blog and articles offered for an Indian woman multitasking in her numerous incarnations.  Then, at some point, I heard about its contest on Twitter that invited ideas on what organisations [Read More]

Importance of Work Culture

Importance of Work Culture

Does your work culture promote a respectful dialogue in situations of strife or is it common for you to see colleagues letting their tempers have the better of them in disagreements? How do you handle your interaction with a young colleague who’s joined your small team [Read More]

Resume Writing or Stop it?

This month an assignment meant appraising profiles for an IT support engineer’s role, so much time was spent scanning resumes, talking to applicants, and, gratefully, finalizing hiring of a candidate.  The experience has made me appreciate challenges recruiters must face [Read More]

Work-life balance…

…is an aspect of professional life where I thought I’d long held a consistent opinion – that it was important for individuals to experience their weekends as just that — end of a work-week.  So they could recharge their energy levels for the week ahead. I [Read More]

How to manage employee exit interviews?

Now that the important ‘whys’ of instituting a planned exit process are covered (in the previous post), I’d like to share my views on the process itself: Short internal (online) process:  An online questionnaire on the company intranet or via email should capture [Read More]

Are you managing your employee exits?

One of my assignments sees me having conversations with employees exiting a company. The discussions happen mostly over the phone, and I’ve to admit that barring a couple of cases, till now I’ve enjoyed the experience of being a confidant to unknown and unseen [Read More]

ROI with Social Media

Recently, a friend expressed interest in ‘going social’ for his new HR technology product and asked if I’d help chalk out a plan by first showing him any products that had attracted an unprecedented fan-following in the last couple of years. That set me [Read More]

If you’re reading those comments, then say so

Enough is being said about engaging audiences through social media channels to create friends and followers. My experience of Twitter even shows me that users are vigilant of feedback to their tweets in that space and making an effort to revert in real time. They [Read More]

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