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Saturday August 18th 2018

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Importance of Work Culture

Importance of Work Culture

Does your work culture promote a respectful dialogue in situations of strife or is it common for you to see colleagues letting their tempers have the better of them in disagreements? How do you handle your interaction with a young colleague who’s joined your small team [Read More]

Resume Writing or Stop it?

This month an assignment meant appraising profiles for an IT support engineer’s role, so much time was spent scanning resumes, talking to applicants, and, gratefully, finalizing hiring of a candidate.  The experience has made me appreciate challenges recruiters must face [Read More]

Telecommuting is the way to go!

Recently, a friend asked for help with planning her firm’s telecommuting policies, and I was only too happy to devote my bandwidth to the cause. I’ve long wished to see companies and managers transcending their physical walls to tap a vast pool of talent [Read More]