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Saturday August 18th 2018

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Goa: Birdwatching in Bondla

Goa: Birdwatching in Bondla

Goa has shown me more forest birds in the last 3 years than the rest of the country seen this far. Bharatpur or Bhindawas has shown a higher density in wetland birds but since it’s the colorful forest birds that I generally seek, Bondla in Goa has had a special place in [Read More]

Notes on Goa: Yard birding

Notes on Goa: Yard birding

A couple more posts on the theme Goa. Not so long ago, I’d posted a bird checklist of my residential complex in Gurgaon. In comparison to Gurgaon, our Goa home complex is tiny and dominated by a swimming pool around which 20 flats are made. On the first look, the greenery [Read More]

Notes from Goa: A blend of amazement and frustration

Each time I live in Goa, I’m amazed at some sights but also saddened by many experiences. Sights to look forward to are Goa’s greenery, bird life, flowers and sea waves. Just a two-hour drive gets us into thick forests and to colourful birds. In contrast, from Delhi it [Read More]

Notes from Goa: Fish-curry thali

Notes from Goa: Fish-curry thali

Many of us know that Goa offers a variety of seafood. Some may also know about its coconut based Fish Curry. But it’s only a few who’d have heard of Goa’s Fish-curry Thali. The ideal preparation of this fish-curry has a tangy and spicy curry that is based on coconut [Read More]

Notes from Goa: Dismal food and then some surprises!

A couple of posts from Goa to share experiences in real time…and this one’s on non-Goan and non-Indian food I’ve had here over 4 years. There’s much to say on the subject but I’d try to limit my observations to a manageable-sized post :) First, I’d break the [Read More]

Goa for Vegetarians

My early impressions of Goa were that of a place of churches, sea and meat in various forms. But, over the last 3 years that I’ve been figuring the place some more, I’ve had to alter many of my earlier beliefs. Now the one about food is that not only are there many [Read More]

Living your life in Goa

Living your life in Goa

A few weeks ago I got a request from a visitor to the blog for recent experiences with Goa and for an update on my furniture survey in particular. I obliged him with answers to his specific questions by email and am now sharing some of those details for other newbies to [Read More]

The Goa Experience in May 2009

My first post on Goa from Goa… I’ve been here a week and despite the heat and humidity, it hasn’t been as bad as Gurgaon. Only one of the last 7 days, a storm took away electricity one night and returned it only around 10 in the morning. It’s [Read More]

Furniture Shopping in Goa

I’ve maintained that Goa offers varying experience to its seekers. If some of our early trips were focussed on its beaches, shacks and food, there were work oriented elements on a couple of later visits – one when I went on my own to intern on a web design [Read More]

Goa this time round (Jan end)

This trip had more of a holiday flavour than the last – for one, it coincided with our wedding anniversary and then it had Kabir with us. But it wasn’t all fun and games as furniture hunting took away some of our 8 precious days. Birdwatching: Didn’t manage any [Read More]

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